Be A Part of Our Entrepreneurs’ Success

Get involved today! Make a tax-decuctible donation or volunteer your time or services to help our entrepreneurs launch successful ventures.


Volunteer Your Time

Become a Mentor

Make a personal connection with our entrepreneurs by becoming a mentor. Share your knowledge and learn from the entrepreneurs.

If any of these areas interest you, contact us to become a mentor today!

  • Finance
  • Funding
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Design & Development
  • Leadership
  • Management

Lead A Fellowship Group

Use your expertise to lead one of our three fellowship groups. We recruit a diverse group of third and fourth year students from Boston’s top schools and immerse them into the startup world. Each group is led and advised by industry experts. You can make a significant difference in their performance and education with just a couple hours a week.

  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Marketing
  • Research

Intern for Us

Smarter in the City Fellows will help build and grow the next incredible group of new tech companies and play a pivotal role in the company’s journey. Expect the type of work to be challenging and aggressive, yet extremely rewarding. Rotation assignments will challenge you to adapt to different business types, industries and personalities, building new skills and strengthening existing competencies. Candidates will interact with Founders, Mentors, Investors, senior executives and be able to make unique contributions, while gaining hands-on experience.

Tasks will include assisting with the day-to-day operations of the Smarter in the City program, and engaging with and assisting the companies in our cohorts on specific areas of need. This can include:

  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Research
  • Content development
  • Coding